Masons, Eastern Star, DAR, and members of the community

The Smiths (and direct relations) have been active in a variety of community organizations over the years. This page will be a record of their service to their communities.

The Masons

Name Raised Lodge State Notes
Roy Smith ??? Sheboygan WI ???
George C. Huwatschek ??? Prairie du Chien WI Not confirmed.
Robert A. Keller, Sr. ??? Robert A. Keller, Sr. was a member of either the Fort Meade or Bartow, Florida, lodge. FL Not confirmed.
Delos H. Smith 1895 Dec 27 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 72nd raised member.
Herbert C. Smith ??? Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI life member until his death in March 1941.
Lester Hoyt Smith 1915 Sep 20 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 175th raised member.
Oliver H. Smith 1918 Sep 22 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. Worshipful Master. WI 198th raised member.
Leroy Cooley1923 Mar 16 West Bend Lodge number 138 WI
Warren Cooley1927 Apr 28 West Bend Lodge number 138 WI
Earl G. Huwatschek 1929 Jun 10 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. Worshipful Master. WI
Donald Cooley 1939 Sep 28 West Bend Lodge number 138 WI
Herbert H. Smith 1947 Oct 13 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 390th raised member.
Allan Kieckhaefer1948 Jun 10 West Bend Lodge number 138 WI
Lincoln D. Smith 1949 Mar 7 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. Worshipful Master in 1971. WI 400th raised member.
Harmon G. Smith 1949 Mar 12 Jeremiah M. Rusk Lodge number 259, South Milwaukee. WI Resigned then affiliated 1952 Apr 28 while moving to Madison (Wisconsin) Lodge number 5. Resigned then affiliated 1977 Jun 16 with Ozaukee Lodge number 17.
Alan D. Smith 1955 Jun 20 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 437th raised member.
Daniel H. Smith 1956 Oct 1 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 443rd raised member.
Lloyd L. Smith 1959 Nov 16 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI 455th raised member.
Ned L. Huwatschek 1964 Jan 18 Ozaukee Lodge number 17. Worshipful Master. WI 469th raised member.
James Smith ???? ??? ?? Ozaukee Lodge number 17. WI Moved to California a year later.
Richard Cooley 1982 Jun 24 West Bend Lodge number 138 - Resigned WI
Richard D. Smith 2005 Mar 29 Evansville Union Lodge number 32, Wisconsin WI
Brian R. Smith 2008 Dec 06 Rochester Lodge number 21, Minnesota MN

Order of the Eastern Star

Name Notes
Hope Huwatschek (was Smith) 60 year member and a past matron of Ozaukee Chapter 147
Maxine Smith (was Keller)

Daughters of the American Revolution

Many members of the Smith and related families are currently or have been members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). Members of the group can trace, via a direct line, to patriots of the American Revolution against the British Empire. The purpose of this page is to record who are members - so future generations of Smiths and related families can also join the DAR.

These pages are not yet written. Work in progress.

DAR members:
  • Arlisle M. Smith (full and complete history scanned in)
  • Leota Smith (was Cooley): The DAR trace is through her father's side................H.E. Cooley....I comes to me, that is the same trace of her sister Lorena, (Mrs. Albert Kieckhafer) who was a member of the Port Washington. DAR also.
  • Hope Huwatchek - member. See her obit for the reference.
  • Maxine Smith (was Keller). Through her family back to the revolution. Brian,

    Many years ago my Aunt Maxine sent me her DAR #; it was in a note or a birthday card. This was probably over 30 years ago when we lived in Minnesota. I remember keeping the card as we moved to NC and later still having it when Chip and I got married. I know I still had it when my daughter Hayley was younger but 16 years later and I donít really know where it is. Mom, Dad, or Kurtis do you remember anything about it? It will now bother me enough that I will try to find it. I believe she included the name of the ancestor that was the link. I do not recall the name of the man but do remember he was a private as I did not find that to be very romantic or exciting. Lenys, I hope you are more help than I am.

    Robin Keller McCraw

From Lenys: Her DAR presentation Maxine Louise Keller Smith. Maxine (we called her Weez) was my first cousin (my fatherís sisterís daughter) who married (my motherís botherís son Lincoln Smith). I remember well the night she came to our home to let my parents know that she was marrying Lincoln Smith, because my Mom introduced them. I was one of her flower girls in their wedding. Her DAR decedent was John McMullan through her father Robert Augustus Keller. John McMullan served as a private in Capt. William Johnsonís Company. Her son Brain told me he remembers that his mother was so proud to find her ancestors to become a DAR member. She was also an active member of Eastern Star (also a past Matron). Maxine also was a past Matron of the Daughterís of the Nile and Yeoman Purser of Wisconsin Masonic Seafarers. Maxine was born March 14 1932 and died January 5th, 1991 of cancer. Not only did I think she was beautiful, she was also a sweet, and kind lady. Maxineís picture is that of the beautiful bride when she got married on April 12, 1952. Along with my cousin Sherry Haack Erickson, I am also a flower girl in this picture.

Delos H. Smith as census taker in the year 1900

Wow, what a find in old historic records. Look who is the census taker in Port Washington Wisconsin back in the year 1900 - Delos H. Smith. See his stylish signature underneath the large POPULATION title. It is his signature that was the source for the Smith Bros. cursive logo.