OBITUARY - Gilbert H. Smith

Sheboygan Harold
Sheboygan, Wisconsin July 30, 1892

Died:—At his residence in the town of Holland, Gilbert H. Smith, after long suffering a complication of diseases, Saturday afternoon, July 23rd, 1892, aged 65 years, His wife, E. C. Oliver (a step son), Harmon G. Smith, Herbert, Jessie, wife of G. Stronks, Grant E., Delos, Arlie, Leland, Lewy (editors note - this is what was printed... although I do not know who this might be) his children and his brother Brazille and his sister Jennette, survived him. Deceased was born in Oswego Co. N. Y. State, April 25th, '27, and emigrated west in 1846 to Port Washington and from there moved to the town of Holland, his present place of residence. Deceased was a good husband, a kind father and esteemed neighbor, and lived among us for about 45 years, being one of the oldest settlers of the town, was honest and upright in his dealing with his fellow men, he did to others as he would be done by, he always helped those in need or who applied to him for his assistance he never turned a cold shoulder, and will be greatly missed in our midst, as he always had a kind look and word for everyone. Has always made his farm home his place of residence and at one time had an interest in the general store and pier property in the village of Amsterdam with his brother-in-law, N. E. Harmon of Waldo, when they bought and sold cord wood, staves, etc., which they bought of the surrounding farmers, which helped the farmers to much needed money and at the same time were getting rid of the timber in clearing their farms for their future homes; he was in the business for about four years, after that he went into the pound net fishing with E. E. Oliver and his sons Harmon and Herbert, under the firm name of G. H. Smith & Sons, and in this was successful and in which he still held an interest. Funeral services were held at his late residence Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock p. m.; Rev. Stablekamp officiating and deceased was interred in the Bar Creek cemetery. The family and relatives have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in this their great bereavement.

A Neighbor for over Forty Years.

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OBITUARY - Gilbert H. Smith