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United's Gypsy Shuffle Bowling One of my more recent projects is this United's Gypsy shuffle bowling game. This machine was built in 1961 which is one year older than me. I remember playing these games back as a kid... and always liked them. And, for $75, how could I pass up a chance to restore one of these babies? Well, maybe the fact that it does not work might be a start... (frown)
About five years back I was looking for a pool table to be the center piece of a game room. A friend of a friend wanted to sell their table so I hooked up the trailer and drove to see the table. It was in bad shape - and even though they offered to sell it at a really low price (just to get it out of the basement) I would not have taken it even if it was free. But, they did have a similar offer on an old pinball machine. Haul it out of the basement and we will give it to you for free - it does not work anyway. My 10 year old daughter, who is quite the wizard with mechanical things, identified the problem in minutes - and we had a working pinball machine - well mostly. Here is what we did to restore this 1965 Williams Pot 'O' Gold pinball machine to its original glory! 1965 Williams Pot 'O' Gold pinball, I work for a large multinational corporation. My current job there is a Site Architect for many backend and frontend systems that support a fairly complex Web site. One of my primary responsibilities is IBM's eSupport site. Our eSupport site is a melting-pot of over 783,000 technical support documents all in one place!
I also write books. Not your normal pieces of fiction or history - no, no, no. I write technical ("nerdy") books called IBM Redbooks due to their historic bright red covers. Here are some of my titles: "Cool Title About the AS/400 and Internet", "IBM eServer iSeries IP Networks: Dynamic!" and "Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? A Sorcerer's Guide to System Access and More". Goto my Redbook Finder and search for BRSMITH to find my work.Redbook: HTTP Server (powered by Apache)

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