My Maintenance Records


Technical details for MyMaintenanceRecords v1

  • Requires Microsoft Excel running on Windows.  It has been tested at v2010.

  • Uses Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros.  The first time you open the file you will need to enable Macros.

  • Can handle an unlimited number of maintenance Items and Tasks

  • You will have a single user license for MyMaintenanceRecords v1.  Once paid and downloaded you can run MyMaintenanceRecords v1 as many times as you want.

  • The Excel sheets are editable.  The VBA macros are protected (cannot be viewed nor changed).

  • To import into Google Docs Sheets perform the following steps:​ 1) In Google Docs Sheets, Create New sheet.  2) File -> Import... 3) Upload.  4) Drag MyMaintenanceRecordsV1.xlsm (or the latest version you have paid for) to the Drag a file here or Select a file from the computer.  The file will upload.  5) Import file: Select Replace spreadsheet.  6) Click Import.

What else can MyMaintenanceRecords v1 do?  That is up to you!  Contact us if you have any suggestions on how to improve MyMaintenanceRecords v1.  We are always looking for hard-hitting ways to extend the programs capabilities in a manner that is important to you.

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MyMaintenanceRecords v1 is a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Docs Sheets) based tool that allows you to keep track of all the maintenance task that you need to perform around the house, farm, or business.  Too often I forget to do a maintenance task or simply forget when I last did it.


MyMaintenanceRecords v1 keeps track of all that for you.

  • Each row is a thing (Item) that you need to maintain, such as an auto, boat, tractor, or machine.
  • Each column would be a single Task that must be performed against that Item.

At the intersection of the Item and Task you simply enter when was the last time you performed that Task; and indicate how many months between each time you perform that maintenance Task.

MyMaintenanceRecords v1 will take care of the rest.  It will automatically calculate the number of months since the last time you performed the Task.  It will also highlight in yellow when you have reached the number of months between Tasks; and in red when you have exceeded the number of months.

MyMaintenanceRecords v1 is written for Microsoft Excel at version 2010, but should work for other versions.  It can also be imported into Google Docs Sheets so the entire family, farm, or business can keep track of maintenance records in one place.

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